Kenny Jr. was rumored to be living in northern New Jersey but was found in West Virginia.  Michael was rumored to be living in Florida, but who knows?

There is no monetary reward. Only fulfillment knowing that you helped reunite a family, if that is not worth it to you, kindly move along.

Search Angels are welcome


Barbara met Kenny Earl sometime in the early 1950's. It was a time of change. Big Band was out, Elvis was in, "Grease" was not a movie, it was real life.

Kenny was 11 years older than Barbara, from what we are told he was tall and good looking. Barbara was about 17 and Barbara was pregnant.

In July of 1957, Kenny Earl Jr. was born.

A year earlier their older sister Cindy had been born.

But before Kenny Jr. was born, disaster struck. There was a fight, a big one, and Kenny left.

For good.

For a while the kids stayed at Barbara's sisters house. Isabel looked after them with Barbara, and Michael happened along as well. It was not long before the State stepped in, and the kids were put up for adoption.

This was arranged through the local Catholic Church, through the auspices of Catholic Charities.

Kenny Jr's adoption was finalized on October 31, 1958.

We never were able to see him, although we learned his name is now "Peter Carna", and he was looking for us as recently as 2012.

Peter died before we could find him. This is a sad fact but all too often it happens during these long searches. Peter left a void in my life, even though I never knew him. For three years he was actively searched for every day, and a folder of his information sat on my desk at work. He was never forgotten once I learned of his existence. 

Michael's whereabouts are completely unknown, but we found out he was NOT a twin, and was born about 1960.

Cindy has  been located.

We have found Barbara's youngest sister, alive and well, and I am told Isabel and Theresa are still alive.

Barbara remarried in 1962 and had another four children. We have found one of these half brothers in Texas, as well as a half-sister who provided the keys needed for this reunion project.

Barbara died in 1989, Kenny Earl Sr. died in 1979, and Kenny Earl Jr. died March 5, 2016. We will never be able to meet them, but we would like to find Michael while there is still time.

Kenneth Carangelo
Michael Carangelo
Cindy Carangelo

Adopted name - Peter Antony Carna - born July 28, 1957  *(FOUND)*

Adopted name unknown -  born about 1960 - possible first name of "Frank"....

Kenneth and Michael's  big sister - born 1956

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